Well, nine months has gone by since my last “new beginning,” and I’ve clearly failed to maintain updates on a regular basis. With “New Beginnings Part Deux” I vow to do things differently this time!

Nymfaio, Greece
Greek breakfast
Nymfaio, Greece

This last month has been a whirlwind. June started off on a rather epic note, with eight blissful days in Greece. From the sloping hills of Macedonia to the black sand beaches of Santorini, my breath was constantly taken away (and my glass consistently filled with something delicious.) Upon returning to NYC, after a life-changing, ten month run as a staff writer at VinePair, I’ve ditched my comfort zone to pursue the freelance life. A scary step indeed, but minimal fear generally brings loads of excitement and adventure. In fact, this post is being written from Sicily!

Sciacca, Sicily
Stemmari Winery

It’s 10:41 AM and already over 90 degrees outside. We just had a small breakfast of biscotti and Nutella and fresh peaches. Our group is gearing up for a homemade pasta making class with the three Sicilian women that cook on site here at Stemmari wines, then we’ll head to the Mediterranean for a plunge into the sea. If the days ahead look as good as today does, I’m sure the minimal fear this leap has incited in me will dissipate quicker than imagined.

Looking forward to having you all join me on this new chapter!


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