OK! Time to really kick this blog into gear. So much has happened over the last three months, the biggest being my departure from my role as a buyer at Quality House Wines to transitioning to a full time writer (!) and client manager at VinePair, with two and a half weeks of pure bliss spent in France between the transition. The past five weeks at VinePair have been a whirlwind of positivity, surrounded by new bosses and colleagues with whom I jive perfectly, a staff retreat out to the North Fork (shoutout to Shinn Estate and Paumanok for being incredible hosts!) and my first press trip to Louisville, Kentucky to become more informed about Bourbon. I find myself learning and writing more and more with each passing day, curiosity growing in unison with knowledge acquisition. Finally settled into my new roles, I am ultimately ready to sit back and enjoy the ride, always with a glass of something in my hand, and of course, my computer in the other, to document this journey each step of the way. Who’s with me?

Freshly Harvested Grapes at Paumanok Vineyards, 07 October 2016.


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