Prague has been on my ‘to-see’ list since I first set foot in Europe. In my mind, the city would be as romantically Eastern European as it gets; crisp beer, quaint side streets, and crimson colored roofs as far as the eye can see– and I wasn’t wrong. This past January, I was lucky enough to finally reach the capital of the Czech Republic with my best friend, a large suitcase, and the same stuffed shark (see last post…) that we’d just brought to Berlin in tow. Though many will tell you that January traveling isn’t ideal, I couldn’t disagree more. Light snow and crisp, chilly air add a dazzlingly beautiful effect to the already too-gorgeous backdrop, and the city’s many Christmas markets are still bustling with cheer. As with any travel, there are many life lessons to be learned; here are 12 that I discovered in Prague.

  1. Staying in the ‘Old Town’ sounds appealing due to its proximity to shops, restaurants, and bars– though if you plan on getting any sleep whatsoever, it’s probably best to stay a few streets over from the main area.

    Smažený sýr
  2. Fried cheese, otherwise known as Smažený sýr, most definitely belongs on the table at every meal, no matter what time of day it is. IMG_7306IMG_7311
  3. Christmas markets never get old. Soak them in. Stop at every single one. Buy the overpriced ornament. Gawk at the farm animals. Doesn’t get more festive than that.

    Christmas Market Friend
  4. Beer tastes better in Prague. Period.

  5. Entry to the Beer Museum includes four free beer samples, much larger than your average ‘sample’ size. Allot more than 25 minutes prior to closing for optimal enjoyment of your freebies– or be prepared to leave pretty tipsy.
  6. The best things in life usually lie on the other side of the river. Venture over.IMG_7395
  7. Money exchange stands advertising ‘No Commission’ absolutely charge commission. I know– rookie mistake. (I’m still pissed about this.)
  8. Explore the side streets. Get lost. Don’t stick to schedule. You never know what you might discover.

    Explore the side streets
  9. It doesn’t matter if it’s January– you need the local trdelník dessert with ice cream. There’s officially nothing better in the world than warm, cinnamon-sugar coated dough, rolled into a cone and stuffed with soft serve ice cream. Nothing.
    Trdelník is a must


  10. Any place advertising craft beer and cake together is a place that you want to be at. You might even meet a few furry dog buddies inside.IMG_7465
  11. Shaking a January chill in a café over cappuccinos and a game of chess with your best friend is the best way to warm up– both physically and emotionally. It will almost make up for the shame of missing two perfect checkmate opportunities and losing to her. Almost.

    Our favorite spot
  12. Try all of the places you can; bars, restaurants, clubs– but don’t be afraid to go back to your favorite find for your last meal. For fried cheese, of course.

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